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Dr. Peter S. Bauer, D.C.

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • "A very caring, professional and knowledgeable chiropractor. My husband was the one who introduced me to Dr. Bauer his car accident. We both recommend his services. R & A Cothran"
    Dri D.
  • "I feel better than I have in years"
    Toni R.
  • "Amazing experience. Couldn't hardly walk - Dr.Peter Bauer fixed my back and already after the first visit I was upright again."
    Thomas G.
  • "Professional and helped treat me for hiatal hernia."
    Tamara H.
  • "He is very good, Very reliable and personable!"
    Laurence K.
  • "Dr. Bauer is very pleasant. His procedure for my condition has proved to be a huge benefit to my overall wellness."
    Kristi H.
  • "Dr Bauer is one of the best chiropractors around in Marietta. He resolved a pain which my previous chiropractor could not resolve. He is very friendly and is reasonably priced."
    Ravi P.
  • "Best adjustments I have ever had! Amazing results."
    Jim B.
  • "Awesome experience! Pain went away completely within 4 visits.."
    Pratik R.
  • "Dr Bauer is very professional and is approach and diagnosis are spot on"
    Richard D.
  • "excellent experience and very happy to find a chiropractic that also happen to be experience in hiatal hernia. it took me 4 years to find one and very happy to know there is one in atlanta area. and for the services you do provide in that office addresing other health issues oustanding! thank you"
    Irma B.
  • "Great Doctor"
    Wendell S.
  • "Knowledgeable and caring professional."
    Jim Z.
  • "I suffered from chronic back and neck pain for many years. After temporary pain relief with physical therapy, inversion therapy (spinal decompression) and intervertebral differential dynamics therapy (stretching), I started to look for other treatment options.Then, a friend in New York told me about her success with Advanced Biostructural correction (ABC chiropractic). Dr. Bauer was listed on the ABC chiropractic web site. I highly recommend him. He is an experienced, highly skilled chiropractor with a holistic approach. Now, I am pain free. What a blessing!Smiling in Marietta, GADeborah Huntley"
    Deborah H.
  • "I visit Peter every month, and have done so for years. I highly recommend him!"
    Rick G.
  • "I loved the service! Dr Bauer is a great chiropractor."
    Christine L.
  • "I loved the service!"
    Tommy B., Gnosisia J., Fonda W., Matt B., Sam R.
  • "Great experience. Very effective treatment!"
    Godfried A.
  • "A truly dedicated doctor, who always encourages you toward a healthy lifestyle, as well as, keeps me in shape through regular adjustments."
    Jim B.

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